Whenever you watch your most favourite movies on the big screens, often we fail to acknowledge, that just a bunch of people are bringing characters to life on every silver screen across the country. The same goes for the audience who are a part of a Broadway show or any TV show/series that airs directly into our homes. Any person who portrays a character in the flesh for a performance is called an actor or an actress depending on their gender. For decades, it’s been hard to come across people who have not been influenced or known any actors/actresses in their lifetime. Actors/Actresses usually have themselves play characters in movie, film or theatre shows; while few follow a script on the radio or create visual entertainment for their audience. Stereotypically, actors/actress are believed to be successful when they have reached the “celebrity” status. However, true success for an actor/actress should be, when the interpretation of his/her role continues to live in the minds of their audience even after the performance ends.


Being an actor/actress requires a long list of skills. Few of them are,


  1. Good stage, screen and vocal presence.
  2. Attention to detail.
  3. Mastering various acting techniques and methods.
  4. Ability to memorize lines.
  5. Creative insight.
  6. Capable of transforming into any character.
  7. Engaging with the audience.
  8. Passionate about performing.
  9. Higher degree of professionalism


In addition to this, an actor/actress must be flexible yet committed to becoming the best actor/actress he/she is capable of being. They must persevere even through rejection and portray confidence during all their performances. A sense of vanity and willingness to work on performance techniques is an additional bonus. Most importantly, an actor/actress must research his roles beforehand to create convincing attributes to his character that can hold his audience captive in the story.

Know about a Famous Actor - Al Pacino


One among the most successful actors of all time, Al Pacino is an American actor, stage actor and film director known for his roles in movies like The Godfather, Serpico, Scarface and Scent of a Woman. He has a career spanning over five decades and one among the few to have won an Oscar, a Tony and an Emmy. For which, he has rightly been bestowed with the title of the “Triple Crown of Acting”. Born on 25th April, 1940 in New York City, Al Pacino found acting enjoyable and had a gift for it. Although his initial acting jobs were not financially rewarding, his acting caught the attention of director Francis Ford Coppola. He cast Al Pacino in his movie “The Godfather” and the actor’s performance in the movie earned him an Academy Award nomination. There has been no looking back for the actor since then. He excelled in movies but also made his presence felt on stage and TV shows. Even today, he works tenaciously and his upcoming movie “The Irishman” co-starring Robert De Niro coming out in 2019 has fans around the globe eagerly waiting.