We all find it interesting to know about “Space” and its “zero-gravity effect”. With so many movies made about space showcasing a group of people taking extraordinary tasks, we begin to wonder who these people are, how they got there and what they do.
A person who travels to space for carrying out certain tasks is called an astronaut. An astronaut undertakes training in order to enter into space and also studies the elements in space.


An astronaut is specially trained by a human spaceflight program to undertake commands, pilot and serve as a crew member of the spacecraft. Generally, this term ‘astronaut’ is referred to professional space travellers but have now extended to anyone who travels to space for research. like a scientist travelling to space to understand about elements relevant to his work.
Although this field is interesting, it is not a piece of cake. There are some essentials qualities that a person must possess in order to qualify as a professional astronaut. Let’s have a look at them.


Qualities of an Astronaut:

  1. Adequate Knowledge and Intelligence:

    An astronaut must have complete knowledge about the working of a spacecraft and the whereabouts of space. He/she must be aware of their research methodologies and communication avenues in order to ensure a successful journey. An astronaut must also be of above average intelligence and should have completed a bachelor’s degree in engineering. This is required in order to get a certificate of qualification.

  2. Quick Adaptability and flexibility:

    An astronaut must be flexible to move from one task to another in space. They must quickly adapt to the conditions in space and take quick actions during emergencies. They must also be responsible for the tasks they carry out and ensure confidentiality.

  3. Maintain good physique and health:

    This is a very important factor for becoming an astronaut. An astronaut maintains good physique and health by undergoing adequate training and following a balanced diet plan. It is mandatory for a person to undertake a physical examination before being qualified as an astronaut. They must be able to tackle the conditions in space and respond to a crisis.

  4. Mental Endurance and Stability:

    Apart from the physical health, an astronaut must have the mental strength to take up huge responsibilities and acceptance of changed lifestyle and routines. They must have emotional stability and be able to cope with difficulties that they face in space.

  5. Risk-Taking Capacity:

    An astronaut must be willing to take risks, knowing that the probability of a successful event is not always one. He/she must have the courage and confidence to face risky tasks. Many unforeseen events may occur during the course of their time in space and travel. They must have the ability to face such situations on the go.

Let us now learn about a famous astronaut

Neil Armstrong


Born on August 5, 1930, Neil Armstrong was an American astronaut and the first person to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969. He was also an aeronautical engineer who graduated from the University of Purdue. He became a naval aviator in the year 1950 and moved on to fly on the Gemini Mission in the year 1966.
Driven by the passion towards space and aeronautics, Neil Armstrong still lives in all minds as the first man to walk on the moon. His work is inspired by youngsters today and he serves as a role model to young aspirants.