We all love to read books, poems, explore stories from different genres and sometimes even dream about the characters from our favourite tales. Whether we are deeply involved in reading or just casual readers, we would have anyhow come across stories, tales and poems that inspire us.
But where do these stories come from? Who are these people giving you such stories to dream about? How are a million words strung together; forming a complete journey?
The person behind the words and thoughts of a story or any piece of writing is called an author. An author is the creator or originator of any written work such as a book or a play. An author can also be a writer. More broadly defined, an author is the person who creates a story, takes ownership of the story or writing and whose ownership determines responsibility for what was created. He/she is the one whose thoughts and creativity give birth to a story, poem or even a biography.
An author is someone who loves to think creatively, loves language, and loves the art of writing. His or her focus is to produce well-crafted pieces of work for us to read and enjoy. An author will work closely with words and make the best use of language to evoke our imagination, educate us, and hold our interest. In order to be a successful author, there are some essential qualities that needs to be possessed. Read on to get a glance about them.


Qualities of an Author:

  1. Passion:

    One of the most important qualities an author needs to possess is passion. Any result turns out to be great if we do it with a lot of passion and involvement. An author is passionate about writing and has a love for words. He/she is immersed completely in their writing and aim to express their thoughts and feelings through their work.

  2. Fluency in language and grammar:

    An author must be fluent in his/her writing. It is important to place words in a correct manner and ensure that there are no grammatical errors. An author’s major form of expression is words and hence the content must be understandable, relatable and enjoyable.

  3. Creative thinking:

    There are many different kinds of writing and some writing may not be of creative form. But irrespective of the genre, an author must have the ability to think creatively and convey messages in a relatable manner. An author must think of creative ways in which a particular content can be conveyed to the audience.

  4. Research Work:

    An author must perform a lot of research work before beginning with their piece of writing. Apart from putting their thoughts together, an author must research on what he/she wants to write to get a complete idea on the topic. They must also do a lot of research work when it comes to finding publishers.

  5. Patience:

    An author has a lot of patience as he/she understands that it is going to take several attempts before getting their work published. This understanding is essential in order to keep perusing and ensuring that he/she performs better after every attempt.

  6. Concentration and observation:

    An author must be pro-active in their work, keeping in mind that every day is a new day. He/she must pay attention to detail and must observe in order to input the findings in their writings. An author has to be focussed while writing to prevent the break of flow in their piece of work.

Let us now learn about a famous author.

J.K Rowling


J.K. Rowling is the creator of the 'Harry Potter' fantasy series, one of the most popular book and film franchises in history.

Joanne Rowling (born July 31, 1965), who goes by the pen name J.K. Rowling, is a British author and screenwriter best known for her seven-book Harry Potter children's book series. J.K. Rowling was living in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was struggling to get by as a single mom before her first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, was published. The children's fantasy novel became an international hit and Rowling became an international literary sensation in 1999 when the first three instalments of Harry Potter took over the top three slots of The New York Times best-seller list.


The series has sold more than 450 million copies and was adapted into a blockbuster film franchise. Rowling published the novel The Casual Vacancy in 2012, followed by the crime novel Cuckoo Calling under the pen name Robert Galbraith in 2013. In 2016, she released a play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and also donned the role of a screenwriter for the movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them that released in the same year.