As kids, we must have always wondered how all the dancers in a group always dance the same steps in a movie. They are synchronised and performed very beautifully. This art of designing the steps to be performed by a group of dancers is called choreography.
A choreographer is a person who choreographs the steps and arranges them in a particular order to appeal to the audience. He/she is very important and has to ensure that the dance steps are properly understood by people who dance them.


Qualities of an choreographer:

  1. Ability to learn and Retain:

    A choreographer must have a careful learning of the steps, styles and routines. A choreographer should likewise comprehend what to search for in artists to try out and cast them in proper jobs. Movement ideas, for example, beat, equalization, coordination, and musicality are commonplace to a choreographer. Choreographers likewise show dance steps to individuals from the dance organizations they lead, and also their students at performing expressions schools.

  2. Leadership:

    Choreographers must have solid talent, since dance groups and performing artists rely upon them for the execution of their schedules. They are in charge of physically showing dance steps for artists to learn. Choreographers must have the capacity to implement the tenets of schedules that they make.

  3. Creativity

    Choreographers must have creativity since they depend on their own thoughts to arrange dance routines. They should have the capacity to make an interpretation of thoughts into physical developments. They practice their imagination when settling on music, dance steps, body developments, outfits and cast situations to guarantee that exhibitions are consistent. A readiness to explore different avenues regarding new thoughts, brings out the choreographer's capacity.

  4. Discipline

    Choreography includes some long, monotonous stretches of practicing to get dance moves right. To accomplish this, choreographers must be taught perseverance, and not be reluctant to request artists and performers attempt repeatedly until they dance flawlessly. Physical stamina is a basic necessity to a choreographer's ability at staying disciplined.

Let us now learn about a famous choreographer

Paul Taylor


Paul Taylor was an American dancer and choreographer. He was among the last living family member of the third generation of America’s modern dancers. He received the Kennedy centre Honours in 1992 and was also the recipient of the Emmy award for “speaking in tongues” in 1991. He has choreographed a staggering 144 dance performances all of which are performed by the 16-member Paul Taylor Dance Company. In 2015, his creative process of building a dance and organising the steps for the routine was made into a documentary.