Food Blogger

Food Blogger

We all use applications like Zomato and Swiggy to order food and to look up the quality of food in restaurants. We read up on reviews of the food being served in the restaurants and then make a decision of whether we want to go there or not. But where do these reviews come from?
All these reviews and ratings are given by food bloggers. A food blogger is a person who visits different hotels, restaurants and food joints to eat their food and give ratings and reviews by either writing about the experience or by taking a video of the whole incident and putting it up on viewing platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Food Blogger

Qualities of a food blogger

  1. Consistency

    It is important to be consistently updating the blog site by adding reviews and content about a new food that is being tried. Since a food blog is closely followed by people all over the city/state, the blogger has to continuously add to his/her blogs. He also has to maintain his consistency in terms of the quality of the blog.

  2. Focus

    Food is a big industry with a variety of cuisines ranging from Indian to continental to Chinese and many more. As a blogger, it is extremely important to focus on one particular cuisine and blog on the various food items belonging to that cuisine. This will help the viewers also because they will get a structured review. Further, they will know which blog to refer to immediately in times of urgency.

  3. People skills

    Being a blogger, especially food blogger, creates a situation wherein constant interaction with people becomes a necessity. This includes conversations with customers of the hotels, hotel owners, chefs, servers etc. It is, therefore, a necessity that the blogger is both easily approachable and also has the skill of striking up a conversation with people around him very easily.

  4. Photography and videography
  5. To make blogs more interesting and attractive to read bloggers should add pictures in their blogs. This means that they should be good at photography as well. In the case of vlogs (blogs in the form of videos), the art of videography becomes an important quality for a food blogger. They should be able to capture photos in the best angle under suitable lighting. When it comes to videos, the audio and visual must be in sync and they must also know a bit of editing to cut the video into the final product that we get to see.

  6. Expertise

    While perusing a blog for information, most audience look up to them as their guide. The audience look for a blogger who feels comfortable around the kitchen. Bloggers should have clarity and confidence in their content. Audience need to believe that the bloggers know what they are doing and can offer them tips with regards to cooking the dish.

  7. Be a Foodie!

    To be the best food blogger, the person must be a foodie. They must be ready to try out different food items in different places. Eating in itself must be a passion for the individuals. Only if this is the case, the individuals can create the passion to try out new food items among his/her viewers as well.

Now let us learn about a famous food blogger

Gina Homolka

Food Blogger

Gina Homolka is a famous food blogger whose passion for food and an eye for photography is brought together to the land of food blogging. She writes and updates blog on her website She creates new recipes and puts up videos and recipes of the food that she cooks.