Jewellery Designer

Jewellery Designer

Every festive season irrespective of the culture people, especially women all over the world are fond of one thing in common and its jewellery. Whenever we select jewellery, we inherently choose from various patterns and designs, but have you ever thought that there could be a profession behind your precious ornaments.
A person who designs jewellery is called a jewellery designer. A good designer can conceptualize jewellery from an inspiration board or motif. The inspiration board can be anything from idols, animals, flowers, etc. whereas motif is a concept where a designer creates a special shape or element on which the designer performs operations like repetition, overlapping, linking, rotation, reduction, mirroring etc.
Once the design is formulated, the addition element like the precious stone, type of metal or coating is decided, and the final design is hand rendered traditionally.

Qualities that help you become a Jewellery designer

Jewellery Designer

  1. Creative and Artistic Skills

    Jewellery is where stories and craftsmanship intertwine, hence it is necessary to handle a mix of artistic, technical and commercial skills. But, the most important aspect of this job will be providing a strong artistic vision.

  2. Knowledge of designing.

    Whether you want to design in-house or start your new brand, first get yourself educated that makes you suitable for apprenticeships. You will also need a strong portfolio showcasing your competency in technical sketching and CAD.

  3. Practice makes Perfect

    Jewellery designing is not something that can be achieved overnight, but years of practice and experience can get you there. This is to help you manage your creative skills with the mechanics of designing jewellery.

  4. Communication is key

    As a designer, you will have to interact with artisans and it is necessary to communicate your thought process and concepts in a concise manner. It would also help you value your relationship with your retailers.
    In addition to this, some technical skills like gemstones knowledge, motif creation, designing with motif and stone, colour theory, gemstone grading and sorting and 3D sorting would help flourish your career in jewellery designing. If you want to start your own brand, don’t shy away from self-promotion. With the help of social media, create an online presence where your audience find it hard to resist your designs.

Let us know about a famous Jewellery designer

Miriam Haskell

Jewellery Designer

An American designer of costume jewellery, Miriam Haskell designed affordable and colourful pieces from the 1920s through the 1960s with her creative partner Frank Hess. Miriam Haskell’s jewellery was worn for publicity shots and films, but movie stars like Joan Crawford, Gloria Vanderbilt and Lucille Ball preferred her handiwork for their personal use. Her vintage items are showcased in the New York’s McAlpin’s Hotel and command high prices from collectors from any part of the globe. Reason being, her signed jewellery with the signature resembling a horseshoe-shaped plaque with her name on it is hard to come by today.
She is truly an inspiration for young women who broke stereotypes and carved a niche for themselves with their creative energy.