We would have all, or at least most of us, found it interesting to see clips of victims and convicts being questioned by a judge and a jury of people present there to voice out their opinions. From small cases to extreme cases of murder, we witness a group of people handle the situations in their respective roles. Who are these people who voice out their opinions on behalf of the victims? Who are the minds behind the case handling and who is that person who presents the case before the judge who takes a final call? The person who takes full responsibility to handle a particular case and voice out their findings and opinions before a judge in the court is called a lawyer. A lawyer performs a very crucial role, as law is a part of every aspect of our society. Lawyers are also behind the major laws of the country and need to take actions when they are overruled.


A lawyer, also known as attorney, is a person who practices, prepares, interprets and applies law to various aspects of the people and the society. A lawyer makes practical use of the abstract legal theories and knowledge gained through their learnings to solve specific problems and extend their learnings to those who hire them for their legal services.
A lawyer has to be a counsellor and an advisor to the clients he/she represents and must convey their legal options available for a particular case. Being a lawyer requires a lot of essential qualities. They are what makes them capable of handling difficult cases. Here are a few major ones to note


Qualities of a Lawyer:

  1. Effective Communication Skills:

    A lawyer should have good communication skills in order to be understood by the audience he/she is addressing. They must also be good at written communication and be good listeners as they play a major role in addressing individual issues. He/she must be capable of arguing convincingly before the judges in the courtroom and express their ideas boldly

  2. Ability to Judge and Draw Conclusions:

    A lawyer must have the ability to make reasonable and logical conclusions from a set of data collected through investigation. He/she must also be able to foresee areas of weaknesses in their judgements that must be fortified against during the course of judgement. It is also equally important to identify weaknesses in his/her’s oppositions conclusions.

  3. Analytical and Logical Thinking:

    A Lawyer must think logically at all situations and must possess analytical skills to choose the best suitable solution for a particular situation. They must be able to put to practical use of their knowledge on legal aspects and take proactive measures to tackle tough situations from oppositions.

  4. Research and Interpretation skills:

    There is a lot of research work that needs to take place before, during and after every case. A lawyer must be capable of doing quick and effective research in order to gather adequate information and put them to use for their presentation in court. A lawyer must also be able to interpret the data collected in order to draw conclusions. They must analyse the data thoroughly and go for further investigation if they find any gaps in their findings.

  5. Relationship Management:

    It is not only enough if a lawyer is able to communicate effectively, but also must be able to build a strong relationship with the team that he/she represents and guide them through the case. They must be able to handle people when they are in an emotional state and must be responsive in providing solutions.

Let us now learn about a famous Lawyer

Clarence Darrow


Clarence Darrow was born on April 18, 1857, in Ohio, U.S.A. He studied law for one year, put his learning to practice and became the leading member of the American Civil Liberties Union. He also worked as an advocate for the Georgist Economic Reform. In the year 1890, Darrow was appointed as the Chicago City Corporation Counsel and moved on to become the General Attorney for Chicago and North Western Railway.
Growing into one of the most sought-after lawyers, Darrow began to handle extreme cases of investigation and solved a plenty of cases with his research methodologies efficiently. His perseverance, passion and knowledge drove him to the state of becoming a legend in law and still lives in the minds of young aspirants.