How many of us have been grooving to certain songs from a film/album for a long period of time? Sometimes a simple tune played on an instrument is sure to make a huge impact on us.
Music is a factor that immediately binds or breaks large groups of people. But a more important role is played by the musicians in this regard. It is amazing how different sounds from different instruments combine together to give us a masterpiece for our ears. But who is the person behind these sounds?
A musician is a person who can produce music using any instrument as his medium to reach his/her audience. A vocalist or a singer is also a musician whose instrument are their vocal chords.

Qualities of a musician


  1. Hard work

    They say that diligent work is the first venturing stone to progress. The artists must strive to teach themselves about making and appreciating music. Going into music must not be considered as a getaway from work or daily occupations. Rather, it must be the main work. It's not all that simple to make music. It is more like, life turning into a business visionary, where one needs to make his/her item, and after that elevate it to the general population with the goal that they understand it.

  2. Practice

    Practice gives room for perfection. Fruitful artists practice day and night. The achievement of an artist lies in his day to day practice. Fruitful performers make rehearsing a crucial thing like breathing and eating. Enthusiasm for music isn't enough to accomplish a vocation in music. Rehearsing each day encourages one to develop and ad lib in music. By rehearsing religiously every day, an artist transcends others.

  3. Patience

    A standout amongst the most critical characteristics of a fruitful artist is to have a great deal of persistence. Each artist who is topping the billboards today has been rehearsing and sharpening their gifts for quite a long time. The indication of a genuine performer is that they learn and enhance themselves day by day, a little bit at a time. They realize that it will take a very long time for them to end up ready to rival the surge of performers out there on the planet hungry for progress.

  4. Creative

    A good performer dependably endeavours to rehearse in a tranquil domain, and the real reason of pressure could be a flimsy pay. In any case, that is the point at which the idea of inventiveness must be executed. A fruitful performer realizes how to create income through different ways. Giving music exercises to youthful understudies could be a great job to remain submerged in music and settling pay also. Finding an eatery where unrecorded music could be played and performing there could be another great method to profit.

  5. Confidence

    There are numerous effective performers today who had no other decision of vocation with the exception of music, so they gave their 100% to it. When you have a Plan B to fall back on, you can't thoroughly devote yourself to Plan A.
    To actualize concentrating just on a melodic profession, one requires a great deal of trust and confidence in oneself. An artist needs to go out on a limb here and not fall into the grasp of a steady occupation and salary. To ace his specialty, a craftsman needs to give his entire time and vitality to the workmanship.

Now let us learn about a famous musician

M.S. Subbulakshmi


Madurai Shanmukhavadivu Subbulakshmi was an Indian Carnatic vocalist from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. She was the first artist ever to be granted the Bharat Ratna, the highest pride for an Indian. She is the first Indian performer to get the Ramon Magsaysay grant in 1974 with the citation reading "Demanding perfectionists recognize Smt M. S. Subbulakshmi as the main type of established and semi-traditional tunes in the Carnatic custom of South India."