Pastry Chef (Patissier)


Are you amongst the ones who just can’t resist the temptation of baking? Does the thought of oozing chocolate and rising cake make you drool? A Patissier is the creator of these delicacies and is surrounded by such treats all around them.


A skilled Patissier experiments with different ingredients and techniques. Baking is a science, and, a good Patissier must absorb it and breathe it. With an eye for detail, quest for perfection and the understanding of the science behind the craft, a Patissier creates magical delicacies.

An ideal day for a Patissier begins with a creative idea for a new dish or a plan for restaurant orders. A professional pastry chef is assisted by sous chefs. Buying or procuring fresh ingredients is an important task. Some chefs also experiment with the available produce.

A pastry chef in a hotel or restaurant creates products that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye as they are to the taste buds. Although the job requires long hours of devotion, the end result is a sweet, yummy dish loved by all.

Some of day to day duties of a Pastry Chef are:

  • Creation of baked goods and desserts as per the restaurant menu

  • Preparing a wide variety of desserts and bread items from scratch

  • Training and supervising staff

  • Inventory and cost control

  • Responsible for recipe creation and menu innovation

  • Working in a team-driven environment, offering direction and assisting with problem solving

  • Conducting food tastings for wait staff and potential clients

While some Patissiers are executive chefs at major restaurants, there are other rewarding paths to follow in professional cooking. Pastry chefs have an important role to play in a kitchen that calls for their unique skills, expert knowledge and organizational skills.

So how can one become a Patissier?

There are various institutes one can enrol into to pursue this career. Nothing beats a practical experience though. Some of the notable institutes are mentioned below:

  • Hospitality Management Institute, ITC Hotels

  • National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology

  • Academy of Pastry Arts

  • Culinary institute in America

  • The French Culinary Institute


Let's learn a little about a notable Patissier:

Rachel Allen is a chef of international fame and also a famous celebrity TV chef. She started her career at the age 18 and went on to achieve great fame.


She has written numerous books and has taught cooking at Ballymaloe Cookery School.

Featuring in a plethora of cooking shows, Rachel has become a role model for people in the field of cooking and baking.


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