Pictures of beautiful sunsets and scenery always get us entranced. People sometimes look really beautiful in pictures. In all these cases we appreciate the picture and walk away. But the brilliance behind the photographs are actually behind the lens and not in front of them. This brilliance is shown by photographers. A photographer is a person who is able to capture the moment through a camera and exhibit the beauty of that moment to the world.
Small fact: Photography is the only art in the world which has the ability to freeze time and space.

Qualities of a photographer


  1. Creativity and imagination

    Photography, in every practical sense, is a type of workmanship. It requires an innovative personality—and a lot of creative ability. A decent photographer must have the capacity to take a gander at something conventional, or even unprecedented, and locate a million distinctive approaches to decipher what he's seeing and pass on those translations in delightful and significant photographs.

  2. Eye for detail

    A decent photographer must have an exceptionally sharp eye for detail to guarantee that all components inside the photograph—the lighting, the piece, the subject, and everything else in the middle of—cooperate amicably to pass on the correct vision or message.Indeed, even the smallest detail can represent the deciding moment a photo. So, having an eye for detail, and being fastidious while examining each and every component to guarantee cohesiveness, is essential in delivering the ideal photo.

  3. Patience and flexibility

    Regardless of the amount you endeavour to control each factor, things just won't go your way now and again. There will be days when the lighting won't collaborate, when your models or customers will be particularly troublesome, or when your camera just won't give you the ideal outcomes. What's more, obviously, there will be times when you'll need to take a billion photographs just to get one immaculate photograph. Whatever photography field you might be in, tolerance is dependably a basic quality to have. You should be understanding enough to sit tight for the ideal lighting. You should be persistent to continue attempting when you essentially can't get the correct shot. You likewise should be adaptable as well. The two characteristics are connected at the hip—you should be sufficiently persistent to manage whatever comes in your direction and make the best of conditions.

  4. Good people skills

    Being an expert photographer implies working with individuals—regardless of whether it's a customer, a model, or even a kindred photographic artist. In this way, being a decent photographer requires great relationship building abilities. You'll additionally need to network to acquire customers and organizations. When you're capturing individuals, you need to realize how to connect with your subjects to make them feel calm, inspire them to collaborate, or draw out all the appropriate feelings out of them.

  5. Passion

    When you're passionate about what you do, it will dependably radiate through in your work. It requires a great deal of investment and exertion to make it as an expert photographer, and the ones who do succeed are the individuals who are genuinely passionate about their speciality.

Let us now learn about a famous Photographer

Richard Avedon


Richard Avedon (May 15, 1923 – October 1, 2004) was an American mold and representation photographer. A eulogy distributed in The New York Times said that "his form and representation photos characterized America's picture of style, excellence and culture for the last 50 years”. His passion for photography and his hard work made him a pro in photography. His works were masterpieces and he was a sought-after photographer of his time.