A horseless carriage would never reach its destination and a student without a Teacher is like a carriage without a horse who can never reach the destination. Without the guidance of a Teacher, we are constantly finding ourselves in situations where we have to impart knowledge to somebody. Everybody is a Teacher at some point of life, as a parent, friend or a coach. They train minds to explore, to question, to discover and in limitless ways they shape young minds.

But who is qualified to be called as a teacher?


Piglet once asked Pooh "How do you spell love?"
Pooh explained "You don't spell it... you feel it."
To an extent, this describes the profession of a Teacher. In a world, where every child is different and has unique talents and requirements, the Teacher’s task is not just to impart knowledge, it is to empathise with each and every child and accommodate their demands. It can be quite challenging.
A mentor, facilitator, tutor, leader, counsellor, No other profession can boast off so many labels.
Like John Crosby famously pointed out "Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. “A good mentor can impact a pupil in a way that can transform his/her life. They act as a catalyst in shaping our future. 'Omnipresent' 'omnipotent' 'omnifarious' are certain words which could define the profession of a Teacher, since they carry a weapon called knowledge which has the power to change the world.
There are two types of education. One should teach us to how to make a living and the other how to live. The only profession which masters both these arts is that of a Teacher. We all are aware, Knowledge is limitless and teachers are carriers of that limitless knowledge who provide an inclusive learning environment that meet the needs of all students.
They say an investment in knowledge pays the best interest and the only person who can help us to gain that interest is a Teacher. Their duty towards the society is to promote values, culture and an innovative future oriented education by creating new pedagogical approaches.

Let us now look at a famous teacher

Rabindranath Tagore


As Rabindranath rightly said, “A lamp can never light another unless it continues to burn its own flame”. Thus, a Teacher is a learner forever. Tagore believed in the Freedom of education and altered the existing education system by founding a small school at “Santiniketan” in 1901 that developed an alternative model of education that stemmed from his own learning experiences. As he once said, "Educational institution must not be a dead cage in which living minds are fed with food artificially prepared. It should be an open house, in which students and teachers are at one".