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Travel has become one of people’s favourite hobbies, of late. One can see various travel agencies booming in the past few years, as people have taken a liking towards exploring places. Travel can be classified into various categories depending on the purpose of travel. Some people travel for business, some to rest or to explore the unexplored, try out their local food and so on. Travel is unlimited, and some people adopt a Travelling Lifestyle. Their main goal is to explore places and cherish the journey. In the recent past, there have been a few travel enthusiasts who took to sharing their travelogues with the world through travel blogs. This not only benefits the travellers, but they also offer information to others who are looking to explore. People who travel and document their journeys in the form of blogs are called as Travel Bloggers.
Travel Bloggers take up travelling as their full-time activity just because they love it! Most Travel Bloggers have an itinerary that they stick to for short travels. They go about exploring places. They visit the local shops, street food and tourist spots. They also go on treks to explore the unexplored places. For long travels, an itinerary is not a must as the time available is plenty. So, they take their time off to soak in the merriment and visit places at leisure. Travel blogging is not as easy as it seems. One should know what they are doing, where they are going and document every bit of their experience to create their own fan following.


To be a successful travel blogger, one has to do the following (Qualities needed)

  1. Start off small:

    Most people dream of doing things the big way. But one should not forget that the importance lies in the smallest of the details. So, if you are new to travel blogging, you should learn to start off small. Pick a place that you have been wanting to visit long and prepare a short itinerary for two days. Hit it off on a weekend and enjoy your stay. Don’t forget to click amazing pictures along the way.

  2. Pay attention to the details:

    Blogging about Travel is no joke. So, when you embark on your journey, may sure you pay attention to minute details. Right from the mode of transport to the dinner you eat, it is good you mention everything in your blog to give your audience a clear picture.

  3. Take killer pictures:

    Sometimes pictures are everything. A picture grabs a person’s attention that a few thousand words. So, make sure you take great pictures on your trip that adds beauty to your content.

  4. Travel and blog regularly:

    To make Travel Blogging successful, make sure you generate good content for your audience. Travel often and blog at regular intervals so that people who follow you will always have something to look forward to.

Here’s an example of a successful “Travel Blogging” couple from India, who have about 280k followers on Social Media.

Bruised Passports


Bruised Passports is a travel blog owned by the couple, Savi and Vidit. They have visited almost 90+ countries from all around the world. They have also been featured in Discovery, BBC, Nat Geo and TEDx. They started their travel blog,, in the year 2008. Savi and Vidit went on to quit their respective jobs in 2015, to become full-time travel bloggers. Since then, they have been generating income through their blog which has over 1 million followers. Their blog has been monetized for Google advertisements through which they churn money for travel. Their blog contains articles about road trips, tips for travel, their experiences and also recommendations for those looking to embark on a journey.