UX Designer


Many of us log into websites as part of our daily routine, never realizing what keeps us hooked to our digital devices. From a mobile screen to a web page, we have UX designs everywhere and this is what makes UX designers special.
A UX design is a computer drawn image with a beautiful background and a captivating design which provides a user-friendly interface to work on. Without a proper UI or UX, we don’t even tend to look back at a screen. A person who uses Facebook, will stop using it, if the screen looks plain with no images and background. This is where the importance of UX pitches in. Similarly, a simple app like Uber or Ola, where a single screen handles booking a cab to paying the amount, is what makes the app more user-friendly. And this is something, UX makes it possible. So, there is a list of skills related to this line of work. Take a look at a few.


Qualities of a UX Designer

  1. Creativity:
    A UX Designer must be highly creative and come up with original ideas which are highly innovative. Their imagination must help in bringing alive the ideas in a form most appreciated by the user.
  2. Attention to detail:
    They must closely pay attention to even the smallest of details in every image. This is necessary to make sure that there are no mistakes on their part. Also, attention to details ensures that new innovative ideas are formed more easily.
  3. Artistic skills:
    As it has probably become apparent by now, it is necessary that UX Designers are good artists and can create good images for any Website/Application design. They must be able to bring to life their ideas with their drawing abilities.
  4. Computer and software skills:
    The most important skill that a UX Designer needs is computer and illustration/Photoshop software skills.
  5. Communication and presentation:
    A UX Designer must be able to communicate to his audience through his images and design. He must have the necessary presentation skills to be able to create an appeal for his creations among audiences.
  6. Team player:
    No creations can be made alone. A UX Designer must not shy away from working as part of a team. He should be a team player and be able to meet deadlines that are put up by superiors.
  7. Domain Knowledge:
    It is important that a UX Designer must know what design must be used where. This means that a mobile might have a different User Interface from that of a web page. This will help in reaching the audience better since they would be used to the user interface.

Let us now look at a famous UX Designer

Luke Wroblewski


Luke is currently a Product Director at Google and founded start-ups which were later acquired by Google and Twitter respectively. Prior to this, he built his resume at eBay, Yahoo, NCSA and Benchmark Capital. A graduate from the University of Illinois, he is now an internationally recognized digital product leader who has designed and built software used by billions and billions of people around the world.
He is also an author of three popular Web design books (Mobile First, Web Form Design & Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability) and has written many articles on topics: digital product design and strategy.