We live in a physical world where everything we touch, feel, sense is made up of matter. Have you ever wondered what this matter is made up of , how it was formed, what are the different types of matter around us & what can we do with them.

When you play in the sand or water in the beach you are playing with matter. When you drink juice, eat your favorite snacks, food , you are consuming matter. So matter is all around us. Let's understand matter a little more about matter. Matter is made up of tiny particles called as atoms.

There are more than 100 different kinds of atoms, each kind constituting a unique chemical element.

Two or more atoms combine to form molecules. Atoms and/or molecules can join together to form a compound.

There are three states of matter:

  • Solid state 

  • Liquid state

  • Gaseous state

Different kinds of matter can combine to form substances that may not resemble any of the original ingredients.

There are two types of change in matter:

  • Physical change- physical changes affect physical properties
  • Chemical change- chemical changes affect chemical properties, such changes are also known as chemical reactions
Examples of Physical Changes Example of chemical change

Boiling water in kitchen. 

Melting an ice cube.

Crushing a soft drink can. 

Mixing dry clay in water.

Dissolving sugar in water.

Hydrogen (a gaseous element) and Oxygen (another gaseous element) combine to form water (a liquid compound at room temperature).

Matter can be classified into two basic categories:

  • Matter is either a mixture.
  • Matter is a pure substance.

We can classify mixtures into two categories:

  • Homogeneous mixtures
  • Heterogeneous mixtures

We can also classify pure substances into two categories

  • Elements
  • Compounds


How is matter classified in terms of physical state?

Answer: Solid, liquid and gas.

What you mean by the term volume?

Answer: The space occupied by a substance is called as volume.


The Entire Concept of matter can be understood as: