The World Of Living


The world around us is filled with living and non living beings of various forms and sizes. The difference between living and non-living things can be understood by their characteristics, features, etc.

A living thing is an organism which is active and are made up of cells. They exhibit different characteristics of life such as growth, development, movement, reproduction, response to stimuli, and need energy to perform day to day activities. Plants, animals and human beings are examples of living things.


Non living things are the opposite of living things. They do not grow, respire, move, reproduce or do anything as that of a living organism. Some examples of non living things are phones, furniture, paper, vehicles, stones, etc.


In our day to day life, we encounter many things which may or may not have life. Most living things except plants can move from one place to another, on their own. In contrast, non-living things are movable and they require someone to make them move. In living organisms, one can see differentiation in different stages of development, while no such cycles exist in non-living things.