Our Environment


Everything in the world around us, makes our environment. Every living organism is affected or supported by the environment thry are in. It is always our duty to keep our environment clean, reduce pollutions to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

The environment is where we get our essentials for survival. We are in constant interaction, e.g. when we breathe in, oxygen enters our organs, which, we take it from the environment.

When we breathe out, we send carbon dioxide back to the environment & is used by trees. So, we are inter-dependent on the environment.

We must understand that forests are one of the most important source of all essentials materials required for all living beings. Forests keep the air clean and have dense trees which help in giving fresh air, rich in oxygen. 

How can we save the environment?

  • Pay attention to how we use water.
  • Use vehicles when really required. Prefer to take a walk, cycle etc.
  • Throw garbage appropriately & responsively.
  • Practice recycling, re-using and reducing consumption of resources.