Comparing Decimals

To  compare decimals, start in the tenths place. The decimal with the biggest value in the tenths place is greater. If they are the same, move to the hundredths place and compare these values. If the values are still the same, keep moving to the right until you find one that is greater or until you find that they are equal.

If the decimal places are uneven, add zeros to the right so that both decimals have the same number of digits.

Example :

  • Compare decimals 0.8 and 0.5

          0.8 > 0.5

  • Compare decimals 0.57 and 0.93

          0.57 < 0.93

  • Compare decimals 0.3 and 0.27


Add zeros to make the number of digits equal.


0.30 > 0.27