Representation Of Data


Pictorial representation of data:

Representation of numerical data through pictures or graphs is called pictorial representation of data. Such representation is useful for the purpose of quick and clear understanding and also for making comparisons.

A pictorial sign or symbol and a record consisting of pictorial symbols, for example a prehistoric cave drawing or a graph or chart with symbolic figures representing a certain number of people, cars, etc.

The same type of pictures or symbols is used to represent or number of objects. The symbols are clear and self explanatory. The quantity that each symbol represents is indicated clearly in the representation.

1) In a school the number of students class wise are as given below:

Make a pictograph to represent the above data.

(Two columns, one for class and the other for number of students, are made. For the number of students, the column is wide). There are five rows for the classes I to V. A scale is fixed: One face is taken to represent 10 students. So, for 70 students of class I, 7 faces are made. For Class II also 7 faces are made for 70 students. For 60 students of class III there are 6 faces. For 50 students of class IV 5 faces and for 40 students of class V there are 4 faces.