Definition of Ratio

The relation between two quantities (both of them are of the same kind and in the same unit) obtained on dividing one quantity by the other, is called the ratio.

The symbol used for this purpose " : " and is put between the two quantities compared.

Therefore, the ratio between two quantities a and b (n ≠ 0), both of them being the same kind and in the same unit, is a/b and often written as a : b (read as a to b Or a is to b). Here a is called antecedent and b is called consequent

For example:

Usha’s weight is 20kg and her Mother’s weight is 60 kg. How many times Mother’s weight is of Usha’s weight? It is three times.1 : 3


Length and breadth of a rectangular field are 50 m and 15 m respectively.

Find the ratio of the length to the breadth of the field.

Solution :

Length of the rectangular field = 50 m

Breadth of the rectangular field = 15 m

The ratio of the length to the breadth is 50 : 15

The ratio can be written as 50/15 = 10/3

Thus, the required ratio is 10 : 3.