Area Between Two Rectangles



Area is measured in square units such as square inches, square feet or square meters based on the known measurements.

A rectangle is given and inside it a smaller rectangle is drawn and then the area between these rectangles must be found

For example, let us consider the figure shown below

There is a rectangle A × B. Inside it there is another rectangle a × b. The area between these rectangles is shaded.

Area between rectangles

= Area of bigger rectangle – Area of smaller rectangle

= ( A x B ) – ( a x b )


  • Find the area between the following pair of rectangles.


Step 1:

Area of a rectangle = a × b; a= length; b= width

Step 2:

Area between the given pair of rectangles = (23 × 10) – (6 × 8)

= 230 – 48

= 182 square m