Properties of Parallel Lines with Transversal



Parallel lines are nothing but a pair of lines in a same plane which do not cut or meet each other.

Properties of Parallel Lines

Parallel lines are those which are at the same distance apart from any given point. Two lines are parallel, if they can go on ever without ever crossing.

Two lines are said to be parallel if,

  • the plane of the two lines are the same
  • the lines never intersect each other

The properties of parallel lines are given as follows:

The distance between the parallel lines will be same at all points.

Parallel  lines does not meet at any point.

Slope of parallel lines are same.

The angles formed when two parallel lines are cut by another line called transversal are same.

Alternate angles formed when the two parallel lines are cut by a transversal have same measurement.

The two parallel lines which are cut by a transversal such that the interior angles are supplementary to each other.

The two parallel lines are perpendicular to one another and they are in the same plane.

If corresponding angle made by two lines is equal, both  the line will be parallel to each other, sum of pair of consecutive angle is 180 degree and the alternate interior angle are equal.

Parallel lines are the lines that are in same plane.

Parallel lines never intersect each other.

Parallel lines are always same distance apart.

If the slope of two lines are equal, then the lines are parallel.