Volume Of A Right Circular Cylinder



r: The radius of a circular base of the cylinder

h: The height of the cylinder

V: The volume of the interior of the cylinder


In general, the volume of a right cylinder is the area of the base times the height of the cylinder.

The area of the circlular base is given by the formula A = πr2.

Substitute to get V = πr2h.

V = πr2h

Question 1: 

Find the volume of a right cylinder, if the radius and height of the cylinder are 30 cm and 40 cm respectively.


Volume of a right cylinder = πr2h cubic units

Given that, r = 30 cm

h = 40 cm

Volume = 3.14 × 30² × 40

= 3.14 x 30 x 30 x 40

= 113040

So, the volume of the given right cylinder is 113040 cubic cm.